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Jacques Marie Mage – Sterett x Last Frontier V

Shop Jacques Marie Mage Jacques Marie Mage – Sterett x Last Frontier V

Jacques Marie Mage – Sterett x Last Frontier V

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Meet Sterett, the embodiment of seriousness, precision, and graceful refinement. Featuring distinctive paddle temples adorned with intricately etched wirecore and fine metal accents, including a fresh bronco cameo highlighted with turquoise inlay at the temple’s end, Sterett stands as a pinnacle of opulent eyewear craftsmanship.

Model Sterett in Bloodstone with Black Mineral Lens
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Introducing Sterett, the epitome of seriousness, sharpness, and sculptural elegance. With its unique paddle temples boasting elaborately engraved wirecore and precious metal details, including a new bronco cameo with turquoise inlay at the temple tip, Sterett is a masterpiece of luxury eyewear.

Limited Production Batch of 200 Pieces:

Join the exclusive league of discerning eyewear aficionados with Sterett, meticulously crafted in a limited production batch of just 200 pieces worldwide. Each pair embodies rarity, sophistication, and unparalleled craftsmanship, ensuring you stand out in style.


Step into the realm of adventure and sophistication with Sterett. These steadfast spectacles embody a blend of rugged charm and debonair elegance, confronting life’s challenges with effortless grace. Handcrafted with exquisite precious metal adornments reminiscent of the ornate silversmithing of the Old West, Sterett frames offer a forward-looking vision that embraces freedom and individuality.


Adorned in a sleek black 10mm cured cellulose acetate frame and custom triple-laminated acetate temples featuring precious metal hardware, Sterett exudes sophistication and style. The sterling silver arrowhead front pin and dark gold exposed demascus wirecore with custom filigree engraving add a touch of opulence. With a silver tension-secured custom last frontier monoblock hinge and sterling silver bronco temple decoration with turquoise inlay, Sterett combines durability with distinctive design elements. Offering 6 base lenses with backside anti-reflective treatment and 100% UV protection, Sterett ensures uncompromised vision and eye protection.


Your Sterett eyewear comes meticulously packaged in a hand-woven Chimayo case from New Mexico, expertly crafted in Italy. Each frame is accompanied by one of four unique designs, adding a personal touch to your luxury experience. Complete with a custom double-sided cleaning cloth featuring micro-fiber and soft terry cloth, a leather box with magnetic closure and warranty booklet, a letterhead press certificate with a limited edition serial number and craftsman signature, and a custom stainless steel screwdriver featuring handgrip and burgundy enamel fill detailing, Sterett offers a comprehensive luxury experience from unboxing to wearing.

Elevate your eyewear collection with Sterett and make a bold statement of sophistication, elegance, and individuality that transcends time and trends.

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Eyes: 52 – Bridge: 22 – Temples: 138 – Frame Total Width: 145

Acetate / Metal



Men, Mixed, Women



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