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Jacques Marie Mage – Rollingsun x Last Frontier

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Jacques Marie Mage – Rollingsun x Last Frontier

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Experience the ROLLINGSUN, a soft, round frame with oversized temples and Chimayo textile-inspired engravings. This limited edition piece features a green 10mm cured cellulose acetate frame, two-tone precious metal hardware, and storm mineral glass lenses with AR treatment. Each pair includes luxurious packaging and a certificate of authenticity.

Model Rollingsun with Storm mineral lens
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ROLLINGSUN: A Tribute to the American Southwest

Introducing the ROLLINGSUN, a meticulously crafted frame that embodies the spirit of the American Southwest. This unique style, limited to a production batch of just 200 pieces, features a soft, round lens shape with oversized temples and an exposed wirecore design, incorporating Chimayo textile-inspired engravings and turquoise inlay.


Rich as the riparian floodplains and grassland prairies, and as impressive as the broken mesas and high snow-capped peaks, the carefully calibrated curves and dazzling adornments of these startling spectacles are a venerable paean to the ancient and boundless creative spirit of the American Southwest.


Crafted from green 10mm cured cellulose acetate, the frame features custom double laminated acetate temples with two-tone precious metal hardware. The lenses are green, set off by sterling silver arrowhead front pins. The dark gold exposed wirecore is adorned with custom Chimayo textile-inspired filigree engraving, while the sterling silver tension-secured custom 7 barrel hinge ensures durability. The temples are decorated with sterling silver and natural turquoise inlay. The storm mineral glass lenses, 6 base with backside anti-reflective treatment, offer 100% UV protection, making these frames both stylish and functional.

Limited Edition of 200: Embrace the Exclusivity

The ROLLINGSUN glasses are a part of a meticulously crafted limited edition, with only 200 pieces produced. Each frame stands as a testament to superior craftsmanship and unparalleled attention to detail, ensuring that only a select few will ever own this unique piece of eyewear art. The exclusivity of this limited production batch underscores the rarity and luxury of the ROLLINGSUN, making it not just an accessory, but a collector’s item. With each pair individually numbered and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, the ROLLINGSUN promises an elite ownership experience, celebrating both personal style and sophisticated taste.

Last Frontier Collection: A Tribute to Enduring Spirit

The ROLLINGSUN is part of Jacques Marie Mage’s esteemed Last Frontier Collection, a tribute to the untamed spirit and boundless creativity of the American Southwest. This collection draws inspiration from the rich cultural tapestry and rugged landscapes of this storied region, encapsulating the essence of adventure and exploration. With designs that feature intricate engravings, precious metal accents, and bold shapes, the Last Frontier Collection pays homage to the ancient traditions and timeless beauty of the Southwest. Each piece in the collection, including the ROLLINGSUN, is a symbol of the enduring spirit and artistic heritage that define Jacques Marie Mage’s commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and visionary design.


Each pair of ROLLINGSUN glasses comes in an exquisite tooled veg-tan leather case, handmade in Italy, with assorted color options. The package includes a custom cleaning cloth with unique designs, a custom leather box with magnetic closure, a custom leather warranty booklet, and a letterhead press certificate with a limited edition serial number and craftsman signature. A custom stainless steel screwdriver with handgrip and burgundy enamel fill detailing is also included.

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Eye: 50 – Bridge: 23 – Temple: 141 – Frame Total Width: 145

Acetate / Metal



Men, Mixed, Women



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