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Jacques Marie Mage – Leclair

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Jacques Marie Mage – Leclair

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Introducing Leclair: Where Classic Elegance Meets Artistry

Meet Leclair, epitomizing sophistication in optical eyewear. Crafted with precision, each limited production piece boasts a timeless design. Packaged elegantly, experience Leclair’s allure, where classic elegance meets artistry.

Model Leclair in Shadow


Introducing Leclair: Where Classic Elegance Meets Artistry

Step into a world of refined sophistication with the Leclair spectacles. Inspired by the timeless silhouette of the 1950s Wellington shape, these glasses are a testament to classic style and meticulous craftsmanship. Each pair is a limited production piece, ensuring exclusivity and luxury for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Limited Production Batch of 500 Pieces:

Experience the allure of exclusivity with the Leclair collection, crafted in a limited production batch of only 500 pieces worldwide. Impeccably designed and meticulously crafted, these spectacles are a statement of individuality and style, elevating your look with effortless elegance.


Crafted from black 10mm cured cellulose acetate, the Leclair frames feature custom double-laminated acetate temples adorned with precious metal hardware. The silver signature arrowhead front pin adds a touch of sophistication, while the exposed silver snaketail wirecore enhances the eyewear’s structural integrity.

The Leclair spectacles are equipped with aqua CR39 2 base lenses with backside anti-reflective treatment, providing optimal clarity and protection against harmful UV rays. The square frame shape exudes timeless charm and versatility, making these glasses a perfect accessory for any occasion.


Each pair of Leclair spectacles comes beautifully packaged in an Italian handcrafted leather case, ensuring safekeeping and elegant presentation. Additionally, a microfiber cleaning cloth/pocket square is included for convenient maintenance.

The spectacles are nestled within a hard-shell, silk fabric-covered packaging, adding an extra layer of luxury to your unboxing experience. Each pair also comes with a letterhead press certificate, featuring a limited edition serial number and craftsman signature, guaranteeing authenticity and exclusivity.

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Eyes: 45 – Bridge: 26 – Temples: 148 – Frame Total Width: 140

Acetate / Metal



Men, Mixed, Women



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