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Jacques Marie Mage – Enzo

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Jacques Marie Mage – Enzo

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Sturdy, commanding, and refined, these frames embody strength, tailored for individuals with commanding personas. They’re exclusive limited-edition glasses that draw inspiration from iconic drivers and influential automotive brands, whose commitment to performance-driven innovation and graceful design reshaped the essence of contemporary fashion.

Model Enzo in Noir 8 with Blue Heron lens
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Introducing the Enzo: a symbol of boldness, sophistication, and iconic style – these limited-edition glasses boast an irresistible universal appeal, suitable for both men and women.

Jacques Marie Mage Enzo: The powerful icon

Crafted with a bold and sophisticated aesthetic, the Enzo frames stand as a testament to strength and refinement. Inspired by the trailblazing drivers and influential automotive marques, these exclusive glasses are a tribute to their dedication to performance and refined design that has reshaped contemporary fashion.

High-Quality Details

The Enzo features a black 10mm cured cellulose acetate frame paired with custom double laminated acetate temples and captivating blue gradient lenses, infusing an aura of unparalleled elegance and uniqueness.

Accentuating the frame are silver details including the signature arrowhead front pin, exposed silver wirecore delicately engraved with custom hairline detailing, and a silver tension-secured custom 7-barrel hinge, ensuring both durability and style.


Crafted with precision, the Enzo features:

  • A robust black 10mm cured cellulose acetate frame combined with custom double laminated acetate temples, perfectly complemented by captivating blue gradient lenses.
  • Notable silver embellishments, including the signature arrowhead front pin, exposed silver wirecore intricately engraved with custom hairline detailing, and a silver tension-secured custom 7-barrel hinge for both style and durability.
  • Enhanced with blue heron CR39 lenses with a 6 base and backside anti-reflective treatment for impeccable visual clarity.
  • Sporting a square frame shape, these glasses offer a modern yet timeless look while ensuring 100% UV protection.

Limited edition

This exclusive collection comprises a limited production batch of 350 meticulously crafted pieces, each bearing the hallmark of sophistication and rarity. Designed for the discerning individual seeking unique style and unparalleled quality, these limited-edition glasses are a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and exclusivity. With only 350 units available worldwide, owning a pair from this exclusive batch encapsulates a sense of prestige, making each piece a coveted treasure. Explore this limited offering and indulge in the allure of owning one of these rare and distinguished eyewear pieces that embody both luxury and individuality.


Your Enzo glasses arrive impeccably packaged in Italian-handcrafted leather cases, housed within a hard-shell, silk fabric-covered packaging. Additionally, each pair is accompanied by a microfiber cleaning cloth or pocket square for gentle maintenance. The package includes a letterhead press certificate, featuring a limited edition serial number and the craftsman’s signature, enhancing the exclusivity of this remarkable eyewear.

Elevate your style with the Enzo glasses – a fusion of luxury, craftsmanship, and distinctive design that reflects your powerful personality and appreciation for fine detailing.

More about Jacques Marie Mage

Discover more about the brand’s ethos, showcased on our dedicated page here outlining its rich heritage and design principles. Additionally, don’t miss the chance to explore other stunning models within the Jacques Marie Mage collection, each encapsulating its own unique story and distinctive charm.

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Eye: 52 – Bridge: 23 – Temples: 143

Acetate / Metal



Men, Mixed, Women



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