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Lunetterie Générale

    “Because today’s here but tomorrow is never promised. Great adventures start by taking risks. Lunetterie Générale is made for your everyday adventure.”– Julien Couture –

    Known for its distinctive aesthetic, Lunetterie Générale uses only precious materials and made-to-measure components. In their quest to revive the vintage repertoire by integrating a more modern engineering, they do create uncompromising spectacles meant to last a lifetime. Lunetterie Générale pays tribute to the simplicity of classic shapes and focuses on fit and comfort.

    In their ultimate quest for excellence, their production methods demand the most valuable materials, the most complex technical processes and the manufacturing partners with the greatest expertise. Every step of production requires continuous attention and control to satisfy their obsession with quality and balance sought between the shape, the material and the appearance of every spectacle.

    All frames are handmade in Japan and require the coordination of over 8 specialized workshops. Quality control is carried out under the watchful eye of their eyewear master who ensures that the highest standards are met at all manufacturing steps. All the designs are imagined at Lunetterie Générale’s atelier in Canada.

    Julien Couture, Canadian designer, has only launched the Lunetterie Générale brand and his first collection in 2017… Just a bit more than 1 year before opening of le Bar à Lunettes in Liège… This “time nearly coincidence” undoubtedly favored the quality and the nature of my collaboration with Lunetterie Générale which started by a very friendly and passionate meeting with julien at the Silmo fair 2018 in Paris.

    You always keep a special memory of people who trust you even before the opening of your own business… That’s why his brand – designed in Canada and hand made in Japan – has a special place at le Bar à Lunettes and on the e-shop… Lunetterie Générale… Made for Adventures

    – Thibaut

    Thibaut Nocart, Bar à Lunettes & Julien Couture, Lunetterie Générale

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